Dragon Fate

Dragon Fate
Genre: Bittersweet
Tag: April 14, 2016
An exhilarating blend of paranormal, urban fantasy, and romance. This fantasy will enthrall readers as mortal enemies wrestle with their forbidden desires. Will they choose love over the fate of the world?
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Matthew is damaged goods and he knows it. He’s the Champion of Chaos and embraces that fact. He may be fated to fight the Champion of Order but what’s the point of being chaotic if you can’t flip the tables over? He’s got a plan to break free of destiny and claim the one thing his heart truly desires, Elise Ddraig, his mortal enemy.

Curvy Elise Ddraig is the Dragon Chosen. As the only female dragon shifter ever, she’s fated to be Order’s Champion and save the world. She’s had to come to terms with being magically aged but she has her werewolf friends Rose and Rory as allies and her bodyguard turned lover, Lou.

Nothing’s easy when you’re the Dragon Chosen. Just when she is starting to get things figured out she meets the opposition. The Champion of Chaos, Matthew. He is fiery, powerful, and has plans for her.

The attraction between Elise and Matthew is immediate but can she throw away the life she’s made? Can she turn her back on everything and forge a new path? If she does, who will save the world?

Dragon Fate is the conclusion to the Elise Ddraig, Dragon Chosen Series. It is written to be STAND-ALONE though you can catch up on the world with the included bonus books. It has a HAPPY EVER AFTER ending and NO cliffhangers. (How we get there though is one heck of a ride!)


Enjoy the entire Dragon Shifter world created by James D Horton

Loving Two Dragons 1-4
Desired by the Dragon
Dragon Heart
Dragon Magic

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