Gas or Ass

Gas or Ass
Genre: Dark with Heart
Tag: March 10, 2016
What do you get when you mix fast cars, a young girl, and her two hot step-brothers? A romance that will set you on fire, test your emotions, and leave you wanting so much more. Get revved up and prepare for a hot ride!
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Not every relationship is about love.

The odometer on my sex life was stuck at zero the day my mother dragged home
a husband I’d never met. Dale brought his two grown sons to help us pack
and move into their house. Both were hard-bodied and handsome, but Caine didn’t
speak to me. Colt, on the other hand, said crude stuff like, “Wanna ride with me?
Then I’m gonna need gas or ass,” but I couldn’t take my eyes off his rippling muscles
and challenging blue eyes.


Some are about speed, sex, and defiance.

When Colt offered me a ride to school, I thought the ‘gas or ass’ thing was a joke,
but he wasn’t kidding. Though he barely touched me, he shattered the innocence I
couldn’t wait to shed, and even then, I sensed I’d never be the same.
He and Caine soon upped the stakes, putting me behind the wheel of cars that could reach
insane speeds. They kept challenging me to find my inner wild child,
pairing illegal drag races with high-octane sex games, like ‘winner gets head’.


And some are about trying to break you.

It wasn’t long before I was hooked, but I always planned to walk away.
Then everything spun out of control and walking wasn’t an option.
I had to run.

**Disclaimer: This is a tale of a young girl’s crush that turns to hatred and back to love.
Gas and Ass is the crush-to-hate part of the story. There’s no HEA inside these pages, so
if that’s a must, this isn’t the story for you. If you can delay gratification, however,
the hatred-to-love part is the basis of the sequel, Turn and Burn.

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