Genre: Dark with Heart
Tag: April 14, 2016
Curl up with you box of tissues for this deeply emotional read. Rebecca Sherwin truly brings us an inspirational story of SURVIVAL, following strong heroine who keeps getting up no matter how many times life knocks her down. Will she find love and the happy ending she deserves?
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Skye ‘The Skillet’ Jones has it all. Her life is a million miles away from her tragic upbringing and, on the surface, life is perfect.

Daughter of an alcoholic mother and negligent father, Skye was forced to carry herself through trauma, rejection and abandonment.
Now, ten years after she walked away from her hometown never to return, she is a new woman; a self-made, successful personal assistant and she is madly in love with her knight in shining armour.

But fairytales don’t always have the happy ending you expect. Dreams can be shattered in an instant; lives can be torn to shreds and left in ruins when darkness strikes without warning.

After a life of pulling punches and suffering paralysing blows, can The Skillet step into the ring and save her mind from irreparable damage?

She has no idea the real fight has only just begun…

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