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Gothenburg was neither built of Glenn Hysén nor of Kållse and Ada, which many of the city’s inhabitants may think. Stan has received a lot of its character thanks to its sea level and with the help of the Holland’s ability to urban planning. Experience the city seen slightly from below and insup its history while you boom on the canal. The paddock boats offer different types of sightseeing tours, and the guiding is kept except in Swedish, even in English and German.

If you want to experience Gothenburg from their saltiest location, you should pattern on the old archipelago boats and go out among the islands. Jump on board and start the evening with a pre-drink, before it is time to settle down in the cozy dining room. For three hours you get to enjoy a digging salmon and shellfish buffet, while the view changes during the evening. The ship, with built, also offers brunch and Christmas tables and can be rented for private events such as weddings.

Stig on Stinsen’s red little train at Gustaf Adolf Square and start a trip through the city’s most charming neighborhood. The train driver stops at a number of stops along the road, and you bought a day ticket, it is just to step off and on as you want. The tour takes you to Göteborg’s oldest preserved neighborhood, Haga, which offers a crowded folk life, trade and nice restaurants.

During the journey, the train also stops at Feskyrka, Kronhusbodarna and Gothenburg Opera. The journey takes about 40 minutes, if you choose to remain from start to finish.

Collect the company after work or at Kick off and were creative together. Some are coastal related while many others offer activities in completely different areas. Gothenburg’s botanical garden can boast more than 16 cultivated species, and the park is all hectares. Cinemas 3. Event calendar Here you will find a rich selection of events in Gothenburg. When you are ready, you have beautiful paintings Hisinge dating activities bring your home as a memory. For those who want to arrange the maritime children’s calas. The sea from the canals and the Göta river to the harbor and the characteristic archipelago is the water a loved Hisingen dating activities of Gothenburg. O’Learys is perhaps primarily with American food and sports at large-scale, but at O’Leary’s southern Bowling you can also devote themselves to Bowling, Shuffleboard and VR. Official visitor guide.

Should Gothenburg be supposed to invite rain, then the train is equipped with rain covers, so not afraid.

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