About Us

Who are we

Flirting with Fiction is a free monthly email service that helps romance readers discover hot deals and new releases while providing publishers and authors with new marketing opportunities. Readers will select the general tone of romance they enjoy from Fun & Flirty to Mindfuck and will receive a mixture of subgenres that match their preferences. The goal of this is to introduce readers to romance authors and subgenres that they may or may not have otherwise considered as well as traditional favorites.

Flirting with Fiction does not sell books! We are simply a system to alert readers to these offers on retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Nook, and others. We receive notification of these deals from authors and publishers, and our editorial staff determines the best deals to share with our readers.

Flirting with Fiction does not discriminate between any type of author and publisher—all professionals are welcome to submit their ebooks to be featured within our newsletter, but our team makes sure that we’re sharing the best deals on quality books.