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Both halls will be the first to be held at the Fira de Barcelona after the covid restrictions

The Bizbarcelona Fair and the Employment Fair join forces to reactivate companies, entrepreneurship and work, making their dates of celebration coincide, from September 21 to 23, in an edition marked by Covid-19 that will combine presence and online activities.

The objective of making both appointments coincide is, as Fira de Barcelona reported this Saturday, to contribute to reactivating entrepreneurship, the business fabric and job opportunities, and to adapt talent and business to the new realities that have arisen as a result of the pandemic .

Palace number 8 at Fira de Barcelona will house the two rooms, which will maintain their own line while creating interconnections and common spaces between them. The conferences and the advice of the professionals who participate in both rooms can be followed both in person and online, simultaneously or in days after the meetings.

Bizbarcelona, ​​dedicated mainly to entrepreneurs, will focus its activities around startups, SMEs and new challenges and will include exhibition areas with administrations, entities and companies that will offer their solutions services for business, business management, marketing and sales , in addition to a space for franchises and another with specific content for new technology-based companies. The fair will recognize the best initiatives of entrepreneurs and the best solutions provided by SMEs to face the health emergency and to alleviate the effects of the pandemic.

The Employment Fair, for its part, will offer information and advice on the most demanded job profiles and will allow visitors to contact companies and entities through one of its spaces, the Talent Arena, which it will share with Bizbarcelona. It will also offer workshops in which it will give tools for active job search, as well as job guidance not only for job seekers but also for those who want a professional and job change.

Both spaces, BizBarcelona and the Employment Fair, will place special emphasis on youth work. The First Deputy Mayor for Economy, Labor, Competitiveness and Finance of the Barcelona City Council, Jaume Collboni, has expressed his determination to “use all the tools and resources at our disposal to reduce the impact of this crisis, and we think this fair will serve to offer support and opportunities to SMEs, professionals, freelancers and job seekers “.

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