What is Fun With Fiction?

Welcome to our bookstore, where every purchase you make directly contributes to supporting children and families in need, particularly during the holiday season. Through the Fun With Fiction project, we aim to empower underprivileged children by granting them access to books, organizing free community events, and nurturing a love for reading from an early age.

Our commitment is to make a tangible difference in the lives of local families, ensuring that each child has the opportunity to discover the magic of storytelling. With your invaluable support, we are collectively shaping a brighter future by championing literacy, fostering creativity, and promoting compassion within our community.

When you shop with us, you're not simply acquiring books; you're investing in our mission to bring joy to families through Fun With Fiction, our community outreach initiative established in 2023.

By choosing to support our independent bookstore, you are endorsing a cause that truly matters. Your support, in any form, is deeply appreciated.

Our Goal for 2024

Our original stretch goal for 2024 was to bring books and gifts to 200 children in need; however, thanks to the book communities continued support, we are on track to support closer to 300 children by the end of this year. We can not do this without you all. Thank you!

The Story Behind Fun With Fiction

A week before Christmas 2023, my husband captured this photo of me (left) and my sister (right) as we wrapped books and gifts for families across Vancouver, WA.

Since then, Fun With Fiction has expanded its reach significantly. What began as two sisters wrapping gifts on a living room floor and hosting parent pick-up events from the back of my minivan in a Kohlโ€™s parking lot has transformed into renting a warehouse and hosting community volunteer events to wrap books and gifts for 2024. I am incredibly grateful for the growth weโ€™ve experienced and eager to witness how Fun With Fiction continues to evolve.

๐Ÿ“š **How You Can Help:**
Want to be a part of the magic?

  • Donate books - This is a big one. We are looking for local readers in the Vancouver WA area who are willing to donate their new or gently used books. We are limited on space and, unfortunately, cannot accept donations for older books that do not move quickly in our bookstore. More recent titles are greatly needed and appreciated.
  • Shop our virtual bookstore.
  • Followย us on Instagram - @flirting_with_fiction
  • Share myย website on your social medias and with family and friends.

Your support in spreading the word can fuel my mission to bring the joy of reading and play to more children on Christmas morning. Yet, our vision extends beyond the holiday season.

As we expand, weโ€™re excited to implement ideas that will cultivate a love for reading among children year-round.

Below is a photo of me during one of myย parent pick-up events, where families weโ€™ve assisted drove up to collect their gifts before Christmas 2023.


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