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A Lodge Affair

A Lodge Affair

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Ivy Lawson loves a to-do list, hates surprises, and the only outdoor activity she’s interested in is brunch on a patio.

After catching her long-term boyfriend (and co-worker) cheating, she’s thrown into leading a high-profile client event at The Emerald Canopy Lodge.

AKA: her nightmare destination.

Ivy finds herself desperate and anxious to get her job done and leave the lodge as soon as possible. But when she meets the lodge owner, Holland Holt, a man of few words who prefers even fewer people, she slowly realizes that maybe the lodge has a few more charming attributes than she originally assumed. After one chaotic mishap after another, Ivy is forced to extend her stay and come to terms with her affection toward the lodge’s owner.

As their paths continue to overlap, Ivy must decide if she’s ready to relinquish control over every aspect of her carefully curated life, and Holland needs to find a way to move forward with the hand life dealt him.

A Lodge Affair is a grumpy sunshine, opposites attract rom-com.

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