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Reading Journal

Reading Journal

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Hey, Queens of the Bookshelf! 📚✨ We know the books you’ve read are like trophies, displayed to help remember all the stories you've been a part of. We’ve designed this reading journal to help you slay your reading goals, drop book reviews like confetti, and create a TBR that that you can tackle.

Whether you're the OG book babe or just stepping into the lit life, this journal is your ticket to making your bookshelf the epicenter of all things fabulous.

Why buy our journal? The money we make through selling our book merch helps fund Christmas gifts for families in need during the holiday. Last year we donated 58 gift bundles to kids around Vancouver, WA and in 2024 we our goal is 200! 

What’s in the journal?

📖 Yearly and Monthly Reading Goals: Set goals, use our daily reading tracker to see how you did at the end of the year. 

Quick Reviews: Three pages to put in your quick reviews before spilling the tea with a full review  Quick reviews have a place for the title and your star ranking   

📝 Spill the Tea - Full Reviews: Unleash your inner critic and capture the best, worst and most memorable moments of each book with our review sections (50) Each book review has a total of 5 pages with several review prompts, a photo placeholder to glue down the book cover, star rating, book summary, 2.5 pages of notes, and more! 

🏆 Top Picks and Favorites: Shine a spotlight on your most cherished reads! From self-help gems that inspire personal growth to steamy romances that set your heart aflutter, mark your favorites, and create a personalized hall of fame for your bookshelf.

📚 TBR and DNF Lists: Curate your literary destiny by mapping out your reading list with our TBR pages.  

💪 Reading Challenges: Need a fun way to be motivated? Our reading journal has several reading challenge pages, including a Book Bingo challenge! 

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