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A Reader's One-Nightstand - Blind Book Box

A Reader's One-Nightstand - Blind Book Box

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Introducing “A Reader’s One-Nightstand” – your perfect rendezvous with a new book and delightful surprises! Embark on a blind date with a book thoughtfully chosen to match your preferred genre. But there's more! Our boxes come in different intensities, ranging from sweet romance to intro spicy and extra spicy 18+ boxes.

What's Included?

All boxes come with the base contents shown below. Additional One-Nightstand book box items vary based on box type you select. See below for a breakdown.

Base box contents:

  • A blind book
  • 1-2 bookmarks
  • Annotation tabs
  • Custom reading log
  • 5-7 stickers
  • 1 no-bleed highlighter or pen
  • A library card and pocket
  • 1 cocktail mix and tea bag or 2 tea bags
  • Assorted sweet & salty snacks

Sweet & Cozy One-Nightstand boxes include:

  • All the base box contents plus...
  • 1 candle
  • 2-3 at-home pampering items (such as face masks, gua sha stones, nail polish, under-eye masks, etc.)
  • 1 piece of jewelry
  • 1 hair clip or accessory
  • 1 surprise item

Light Spice One-Nightstand boxes also include:

  • All the base box contents plus...
  • 2-3 light spice items (such as ticklers, sexy blindfolds, cuffs, etc.)
  • 1 at-home pampering item
  • 1 piece of jewelry
  • 1 surprise item

Extra Spicy 18+ One-Nightstand boxes also include items for our bold readers looking for a bit more fun:

  • All the base box contents plus...
  • 1 light spice item (such as ticklers, sexy blindfolds, cuffs, etc.)
  • 1 adult toy
  • 1 surprise item


Important Notes:

  • Surprise Packages: Our boxes are unique and may vary from the photos shown. Each box is meticulously crafted and tailored to your preferences.

  • Mystery Item Guarantee: While we can't ensure you won't already have the book, we encourage you to provide a link to your Goodreads account or include a note with your recent reads.

  • Adult Content: Our extra spicy One-Nightstand boxes are intended for individuals aged 18 and above.

  • Order Processing Time & Shipping Costs: Our One-Nightstand book boxes are not included in the free shipping over $40 promotion. The One-Nightstand boxes ship for $5.95. Typically, orders are processed within 1-2 weeks. In case of high demand, we may require additional time and will notify you via email using the address provided at checkout. We appreciate your patience and support!

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