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Sweet Nightmare (Deluxe Limited Edition) (The Calder Academy, 1)

Sweet Nightmare (Deluxe Limited Edition) (The Calder Academy, 1)

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Preorder now and receive the stunning DELUXE LIMITED EDITION while supplies lastโ€•featuring gorgeous sprayed edges, as well as exclusive special design features. This breathtaking collectible is only available on a limited first print run, a must-have for any book lover while supplies last in the US and Canada only.

"This beguiling series opener...checks all the boxes for romantasy veterans." โ€“ Publishers Weekly

The scariest school on earth
Is about to experience real fearโ€ฆ

Most schools are about being the best. This school? Itโ€™s about being the worst. Calder Academy is where the rogue paranormals go. The ones who break the rules or lose control. And when that happens for vamps, werewolves, witches, and dark fae? It gets pretty freaking scary.

I should know. Because Iโ€™m trapped here.

Look, every seventeen-year-old girl thinks their mom is a tyrant. But mine just happens to run Calder Academy, which paints a giant target on my back. The way I make it through these dark halls is by steering clear of the thingsโ€•and kidsโ€•who go bump in the night.

Especially Jude Abernathy-Lee.

But when a freak storm hits our isolated island, I'm stuck without a backup plan. The power is gone. The lights are out. And our worst nightmares are suddenly realโ€•and out for blood.
Now the only way to survive is to align myself with one evil to avoid the other.

And the only thing worse than the idea of getting close to Jude? Secretly loving every minute of it.

The Calder Academy series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 Sweet Nightmare
Book #2 Sweet Chaos
Book #3 Sweet Vengeance

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