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You're It

You're It

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I am a walking, talking disaster.

Sometimes it feels like every step I take leads to a mistake that is painful or embarrassing, or painful and embarrassing, and it's pretty remarkable that natural selection hasn't taken me out yet.

The point is, I have a lot of experience in cleaning up my own messes. Even with all that practice, though, inheriting my dad's failing laser tag business might be a little much.

Saving Galactic Guild Arena won't be easy. Especially when my new business partner is my dad's best friend/famous author/grouchy recluse/my former crush.

Darwin Wilder knows better than anyone what a mess I am. The man hates me, and for good reason. I need to remember that, because in a life full of missteps, falling for my dad's best friend is one mistake I know I'll never recover from.

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